lördag 1 juni 2013

Picture from Motala, Norrköping, Gotland och Ronneby, Sweden.

måndag 31 oktober 2011


Some pictures of my girlfriend and her twin sister. No editing, just as the camera has captured them.

And some fun.

torsdag 20 oktober 2011

Photo on a photo/movie set.

As a modell for a big lawnmover I and my girlfriend took some picture on the set. It was a sunny day, but the wind and air was cold. Some fun to see the film crew working. One of the guys in the crew was working before in Hollywood, but found the great love in Sweden.

Next advertising job it will be swimsuits for me, I promise. ;)

onsdag 19 oktober 2011

Special pictures on bats.

Sometimes the quality and the environment have less importance in an image. It's personal ties to the image that makes it important.

The bats from Gotland, Sweden.

This fellows has a special place in my album. It took long time to get a flying bat on a picture and they flew around in a pig barn. The quality is lousy and the light is bad. Yet I love my pictures on the small bats.

Taking pictures in a pig barn must be explained. It is extremely with dust flying around so most pictures taken with flash looks like it's snowing. Therefore, I am especially pleased with these two images.

tisdag 18 oktober 2011

Norrköping and Motala Ström

From my hometown, Norrköping. The pictures is taken by the river Motala Ström.

The jar is open.

Hello people! This is my english photoblog. I gonna have pictures here. Not much talk, just pictures who talks.

This four picture is just randoms. Just to get a start of the blog. :)